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"How To Play                          "Improving
   The QChord"                           Your Skills"

"How to Play The QChord"
- Takes you through the basics and beyond
 as it demonstrates all features and functions of the Amazing Suzuki QChord. 
"Improving Your Skills" -
Presents a closer look at both the QChord and Omnichord
 as it gives you even more insight into their creative possibilities.

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We want to earn your business!
We promise to always have the Best Value:

1. Price ... 
We match or beat lowest advertised prices.
2. Quality ...  We exceed manufacturer warrantees.  
            3. Service ...  Customer-centered, prompt and courteous
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Pop's Music Info
As you explore your options about a company with whom
you would like to do business, please consider the following:

Dedicated Specialist since 1984
Pop's Music is the oldest QChord and Omnichord dealer and the #1
distributor of QChords in the country.  We developed a unique
easy-playing method and produced an instructional video tape
to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced QChord techniques.
Also, Pop's Music began the 1st Omnichord/QChord Club in Arizona,
and introduced the original on-line Club for people throughout the world.

Absolute Lowest Price Policy!
While we work very hard to assure our posted prices are the lowest,
 it is possible that at some moment in time another dealer
might have a sale price lower than ours for the same new products.
Please let us know and we will match or beat the deal. 
If you have already purchased from us and find a better deal within 30 days,
 we promise to refund any excess amount you might have paid.

Quality assurance
Total customer satisfaction is our goal.  We meet or exceed
manufacturer warrantees and provide our own 30-day money-back guaranty. 

Exceptional service
You will enjoy the personal attention you receive from Pop's Music.
Service is something  that must be experienced, not just talked about.
If you have not yet read what some of our customers have said,
please click on
Customer Comments.

Best Overall Value
Value is a combination of Price, Quality and Service.
  As you continue to browse through our website I hope you
will understand that we are sincere and worthy of your patronage.

Pop's Music's Mission
 To help people of all ages and abilities discover the
ease and benefits of being able to make music.
These are not just words, we put them into action everyday!

Our passion for music and the therapeutic benefits it brings,
drives us to represent the SUZUKI QChord, an amazingly easy-to-play instrument.
However, involvement with our customers does not end with a sale.  In fact, it just begins.
Lenny Zazick, founder of Pop's Music produced a 90-minute instructional video
titled "How To Play The QChord".  This video is helping people worldwide to
 better understand the features and functions of this unique instrument. 
As a follow-up to his first video lesson, Lenny completed a second DVD on advanced
playing techniques.
For more info on the two video lessons, click here. 

 In addition to his video lessons, Lenny often coaches players by phone.
 He can be reached at 602-739=3832
Pop's Music is very serious about wanting to help people
of all ages and abilities.
  So, if making music is one of your desires,
we would be pleased to help you achieve that goal.


An additional message from Pop

Pop's Music is one of the oldest authorized Omnichord and QChord dealerships.
We developed a unique easy playing method and originated the 1st Omnichord Club.
Members have enjoyed attending club meetings in Mesa, Arizona. 
And now, through the Internet people from around the world can get together
 via our online QChord and Omnichord Club (Currently being improved.)

We do have some other musical products for the beginner and intermediate players,
however the Suzuki Omnichord and now the QChord are our primary focus.  

Our objective at Pop's Music is to be the absolute best place to learn about
and purchase QChords.  We offer comprehensive follow-up services
 with new and evolving information about the development and use of the QChord.

Through the years, we have heard from many Omnichord and QChord players about
the type of information that is most useful to them.  At Pop's Music, we promise to
provide the fastest and most accurate information in this regard.  We are very serious
about delivering service beyond the expectation of most people.  And, we want
to do this in a way that is FUN and EXCITING for everyone. 

This is our mission in which we believe most sincerely!

Thank you and best regards, Pop  (Lenny Zazick)

P.S  We understand the value that competition in the marketplace provides to consumers.
We would not want to change this.  We would, however,  like our customers  to know that
we are flattered that for several years now, portions of our website have been and continue
to be copied by other dealers.  In striving to be the best at what we can control, we will
continue to be original in our internet marketing methods.  Our goal is to provide an
easy-to-use website with complete information about the products and services we offer. 

I encourage customers to call us directly for the quickest and most focused answers
to question about the QChord or any aspect of our Pop's Music business.  
We can be reached at 602-739-3832      




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Thank You!


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